Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holiday Blog Giveaway Winner !!!

Welcome to all the new followers!  Thank you for not only stopping by but for staying a while...I hope you continue to enjoy coming back here to see what is new!  I'm so happy to see that there are so many people viewing my blog (not that I'm constantly checking my stats or anything :)   

 As many of you know from my previous blog posts, I am a brand new Etsy shop owner and I am super excited to share my talents and to share the talents of others... In participating in Giveaway blogs like this, you are allowing me to do just that, find the great things out there and share them with the world. I have decided that I am going to start by doing one featured shop a month and see where it leads... I am hoping to have great feedback and I am hoping that we can all help each other in some way...

Now on to the important stuff.... the moment that we have all been waiting for...I am proud to announce the winner of Simplimandi's First Annual Holiday Giveaway: 

Lizzy from LeilasLilyPad.  

I am so happy to have been able to do this giveaway and it would not have been possible with out all of you putting the effort into following and commenting and sending your convos, so thank you!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Happy Birthday SimpliMandi. Shop Sale!!

It is that time of year again when most find them self hiding under a rock, checking for gray hair and new signs of age.... normally, that would be me....but not this year... I am proud that I  have accomplished yet another exciting year of my life. I have scratched off a few more of the items on the bucket list and for the most I find my self satisfied. I have seen my son grow in to this amazing terrorist of a 2year old and love every minute of our inability to see eye to eye on every level. I have started my own Etsy shop :Simplimandi:  where I am using my abilities to be creative and make beautiful things for people to love. to say it Simpli: I feel accomplished because I have followed these three simple words :   

Many people will walk in and out of your life,
but only true friends will leave footprint in your heart. to handle yourself, use your hand to handle others, use your heart. anger is only one letter short of danger. if someone betrays you once, it is his fault, if he betrays you twice it is your fault. great mind discover great ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. he who losses money, losses much; he who losses a friend,losses much more, he who losses faith losses everything. Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art. learn from the mistakes of others, you can't live long  enough to make them all yourself. friends, you and me... you brought another friend... and then there were three... we started
our group...our circle of friends... and like that circle... there is no beginning or end.... yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift, that's why they call it the present.