Friday, November 19, 2010

Simply Silver Treasury

I ventured into the treasury world last night with little to no expectation, but came out very satisfies. I had a mental image of what I was thinking and although it was nothing like what I say in my head, I think that I prefer the way that it turned out so much better.

There was a method to my madness of searching through over 1100 pages to find there great items:

step 1: Type in the keywords what I am looking for: "Silver"

Step 2: Go to the last page and search back to front. ( I have found that there are a lot of sellers that have the ability to re-post their entire shop every two hours and the rest of us get lost) so to give the other "starving" artists a chance I found that very successful.

Step 3: Find pictures of images and ideas that represent the same feel and meaning.

Step 4: 1100 pages later and 12 great photos for the world to share with me.

There is not really a way to link the photos here that I know of so... I pasted them and there is the link above...

In my opinion it is front page material, but who knows if it will ever make it there. LOL.

I hope you all enjoy. I will be thinking about doing a BNR/BNS here this next week and I will keep you posted with that.

Thanks Everyone


  1. great collection!!!
    I LOVE picking random words and searching/surfing for amazing stuff!!!

  2. Excellent looking treasury! You picks definitely look well thought out & cohesive!