Monday, November 29, 2010

First Annual Holiday Giveaway!!!

Good Morning Everyone!!!!

Feeling the Holiday spirit.... I am announcing SimpliMandi's first Annual Holiday Giveaway:

Here is the list of the

  • Leave a Comment and receive 1 entry
  • Mention me in your blog, leave a link to it and receive 2 entry's
  • Send me a convo in etsy with a link to your favorite item in my shop and receive 1 final entry
(That is 4x the opportunity to WIN!!!!)

Holiday Giveaway ends on 12/15/2010 and the winner will receive a 35$ gift card to my shop.

*** Giveaway winner will be announced on the 17th of December and if redeemed by the 19th, winner will have their item in time for Christmas!!!




  1. I would love to win!

  2. I would love to win thanks!

    giveawaymommy at yahoo dot com

  3. Oh, the weather outside is in Indiana!

  4. I am your newest follower!
    What a fun giveaway!

  5. thnk you so much for all of you that have entered... we are getting down to the last days and there are several ways to get your name in there more than once. just let me know that you did one of the others and you will get an additional entry!!!!

  6. I sent you a convo with a link to my favorite... you can contact me through etsy if you need to get a hold of me! *fingers crossed* Thanks!